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Testing Buildings for Coronavirus – Polyteck’s Solution

With lockdown weakening, we realise the inevitability of returning to the office. Therefore, testing buildings for coronavirus should be considered or even a priority. However, Polyteck are offering the opportunity to ensure the safety of most importantly, your tenants and building throughout these strange times. This soo good even Facilitate Magazine are providing their recommendations:@Facilitate_Mag

How does it work?

We provide suitable PCR swabs, used on the following:

  • Shared contact areas: Sales/reception counters, door handles, light switches, keyboards, shopping trolleys etc.
  • Food preparation areas and equipment
  • Assembly lines: equipment/machinery, packaging materials etc.
  • Work premises: commercial offices, receptions, lifts and toilet areas. lockers, canteens, medical bays, taps etc.
  • Communal areas in the service + hospitality industries: restaurants, care homes/residential, leisure centre changing rooms/lockers/ showers/taps etc.
  • Medical areas: Respiratory masks, protective clothing, hospital equipment/ furniture etc

Further Information

With the world coming to a halt, maintenance doesn’t need to. Subsequently, with neglect to your building after this period there will be issues.  To confirm our engineers are currently under-going tests for the virus, therefore there is no need to worry for spread. Carrying out simple works to tackle these issues is imperative; Polyteck are working hard to offer this to high demand. Coronavirus is only the beginning of social awareness towards illness, Polyteck’s solution offers the insurance that your complex is a safe place.

Please note the following:

If you may be submitting a large number of samples but varied across the days (e.g. 10 samples one day, and 70 samples the next day) we can look at providing a price per sample for the whole contract instead.

With lockdown coming to a slow, we are prepared. We are going to be available to ensure the safety of properties throughout the next  few months. We are on hand to carryout testing of buildings for Coronavirus, with prices that are competitive. Contact us now and we will be on hand to offer pricing and further information and even set up a video call to answer any questions you may have.

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